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miércoles, 9 de octubre de 2013

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Goldcrafter's Estate Jewelry Rated # 2 this electric / acoustic guitar is pre-owned and shows minimal wear and scratches.  Sounds great.  Was kept in very nice condition. 


Guitar top is hand crafted with premium quality spruce.  Guitar top is one of the most important factors in the sound quality of the guitar.  Spruce is the best wood for making the guitar top.

Guitar back, sides and neck is made with Northern Birch.

Low action for beginner's ease of playing 

White body binding throughout the guitar body gives the guitar a very unique look

Cutaway shape allows for better access to the upper range of the fretboard.  This makes playing higher register notes very easy.

High performance under-saddle transducer pickup ensures guitar's natural sound is picked up and transmitted with minimum amount of noise and distortion.

High performance 4-band EQ preamp provides you with uncompromised command of the guitar sound effect.  The 4 bands are Treble, Middle, Bass, and Presence.  Volume control allows you to affect guitar sound volume.

Pick guard protecting the guitar from pick actions

Diecast tuning machines (also referred to as tuning pegs, tuning keys and tuners) allows for high precision tuning and tuning stability.  Tuning is easy, smooth and trouble free.

Fingerboard is made out of rosewood for solid playability and intonation control. The hardness of rosewood protects the fingerboard from denting by the fingernail. Dents on the fingerboard make it very difficult to play the guitar in tune.

Black body binding

Nickel/silver frets

Inlaid dots position marker, making it very easy to identify position.

Fitted with Martin steel strings.  Martin is the world's largest guitar string maker.

A 10 foot premium quality instrument cable is included.  This cable is used to connect the electric acoustic guitar to an amplifier or a guitar tuner.  This instrument cables has extra insulation and EM shielding that keep other signals from interfering with the sound of the guitar.

A standard 1/4" output jack is built-in for connecting the guitar to the amplifier or guitar tuner using the instrument cable.

The 4-band EQ preamp operates on a 9V battery.  One 9V battery is included for initial checking of preamp operation only.  It is not intended for normal preamp operation.

Made in China and shop adjusted in USA

High gloss finish

Color: Natural

Guitar is full size.  Guitar length is 40".

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