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miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2013

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Vintage Toys

Oh those awesome days in which life was just a childs play, don't we all remember that special toy that we wanted so bad, and made us jump and smile so hard... ah those good old times.

Gold Crafters Exchage receives all kinds of antique/ Vintage Toys in good shape, with no holes, scratches, broken parts or any damage that would take the value off the precious timepiece.

If you wouldn't buy it, why bring it? Sell us the things you'd like someone else to have, and get some cash on the way.
Following we will have some good and all times classics of our Toy Chests.

We could go all day :) But we do have more subjects to talk about!

PS. The Pictures are not necessarily in our store, these are just to illustrate the post. We will let you know in our post which ones DO belong to us.

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