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lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013

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Gold Crafters Alerts The Public

Dear Valued Client,
Over the past few years, as the precious metal markets advanced to new highs, and the internet era is growing rapidly, more and more consumers are taking advantage of online services that are being offered. As services such as ours offer many advantages and conveniences, you as an astute individual must have the ability to be aware of Companies that tend to mislead the public.
Before you decide to transact business with any Company, you are strongly advised to research their legitimacy. Please review the following questions that you need to have answered before sending your valuables to a perspective Company.
Is the entity a Corporation that is regulated by a Governmental agency such as the Department of Consumer Affairs or is it just an online outfit with a P.O. Box and no physical street address?
There are several fly-by-night Companies that come up with an attractive name, toll free number, and a post office box. However, there are federal laws that require that precious metal buying Companies must comply with USA PATRIOT ACT. Thus must have a physical street address. 
Is the company a member of any governing organizations?
JVC - Jewelers Vigilance Committee
The Jewelers Vigilance Committee was formed in 1912 to provide education and self-regulation to the jewelry industry. Members operate under the highest standards of business practice after pledging to comply with all laws applicable to the jewelry industry and make accurate representations about the products they sell.

The bottom line is that when you see the JVC logo and door decal, you can rely on our members' promise to uphold the ethics and integrity of the jewelry industry through their own business practices.
Can you visit the establishment and discuss the sale of your valuables in person or is it online only?
Not everybody is comfortable sending their valuables through the mail. Many prefer to deal on a personal level. A reputable Company should have the option of accommodating clients privately and personally.
How knowledgeable and helpful is the staff addressing your needs and concerns?
Many Companies hire a third party answering service that may be in a different state or even in a foreign country. The operators are trained only to take down your basic information so that they can send you a packet or a kit.

Will the Company contact you to get your authorization prior to issuing payment for your valuables, or will they just send you any payment hoping that you will settle for what you receive?
It is important to speak to your representative and to confirm prior to receiving your payment. This will rectify and avoid any and all uncertainties that you may have.
Is there sufficient time to cancel your transaction?
Many online Companies put a short deadline for you to send the check back if not satisfied. Many times postal mail gets delayed or even lost. When you finally receive your check, the deadline has long past and you are forced to settle on the amount that the Company has sent.
Does the Company offer free overnight shipping service?
When sending precious metals, it is important to have a tracking number and know the whereabouts of your package every step until it arrives to its destination. Packages tend to get misplaced if they are not hand delivered and signed for.
How quick is the turnaround time from start to finish?
The volatile precious metal market waits for no one. Look for Companies that settle in today's market and not when it is convenient.
Are the payout prices that are advertised adjusted with the market conditions or are they updated ever so often?
There are several Companies that advertise very attractive but yet highly fictitious payouts. It is only logical to make sure that the advertised payouts coincide with the market prices. If the payouts are too high, ask yourself how the Company affords to cover all expenses and still profit.
These are just some very important questions you need answered before you can proceed.

We at GoldCrafters, pride ourselves by providing our growing family of clients truly 100% satisfactory service.
Educate yourself to secure yourself
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